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Pain Relief: When to use which painkiller

With so many painkillers ready at our disposal, we often don’t know when to use which. In a spot of bother, we open our medicine cabinet to find an assortment of half-used painkiller boxes and often just pick one at random. Which painkiller should we use when? Does it matter which one we use? Well, today I’m going […]


Beta Blockers: How do they work? (and why we use them)

Most people taking beta blockers are probably still blissfully unaware of their existence. And you know what? That isn’t a big deal. You don’t need to know what a beta blocker is. But you do need to understand how the drugs you are taking work. And it just so happens that there are quite a few drugs that […]


Painkiller Infographic: Learning to Dissect Information

I like infographics. They are informative, interesting and enjoyable to read. They’ve usually got some good stats and always present information in a way that it is easy to digest. They are pretty great in general. But – yes, there is always a but – you have to be careful. It is all too easy to get carried away […]


Antibiotics: Why you should always finish the course

I’m going to make a little confession. There’s been more than one occasion when I failed to finish an antibiotics course. Even though I know I shouldn’t have. Even though my doctor told me I should finish the pack. Even though the pharmacist reminded me of the doctor’s advice to take them all. It’s just […]

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