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Pain Relief for Children and Infants

Pain is an unpleasant experience that can affect anyone of any age and, as a parent, it is important to have some knowledge about how to provide pain relief for children. This article is designed to take you through the different options that you have to help recognise and manage the pain that your child […]


Red Meat and Cancer: A Realistic Overview

No matter how much you love bacon or other processed meat products, there must have been a sneaking thought of doubt reading the headlines in the media recently about their ability to cause cancer. Processed or red meat and cancer: is there really a link? The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a branch […]


Is Your Heart Health at Risk?

Is your heart health risk skyrocketing? There’s no denying that your heart is important. It’s the miracle organ in your body that pushes the wonder juice – your blood – around to keep you alive and kickin’. How can you know just how healthy your heart is? There are a lot of different things that can help […]


Understand Your Cardiovascular System: As Simple as Plumbing

Your cardiovascular is as simple as plumbing to understand. Or maybe even simpler; I don’t know a lot about plumbing. You know your heart and blood are important for your body but do you really understand how it all works? It can all seem confusing. But the truth is, it’s as simple as plumbing.


Preventable Blindness From Trachoma. What can you do to help?

While I write posts on this website for fun, I also write for several other medical sites around the web as a freelancer. Some of the topics I’m hired to write are really juicy and joy to write, while others make me really work to create an interesting piece of writing. Recently I was asked to write an […]


Menopause: Should you take hormone replacement therapy?

Female hormones are complicated. But it’s only when they begin to wind down that we realise how much work they were doing behind the scenes, month in and month out. As menopause creeps up, the symptoms that females may experience as a result of the hormone changes can come as a rude shock. Hormone replacement therapy […]


How Normal Cells Become Cancer Cells (A Simple Explanation)

Let’s be straight here. This post isn’t going to tell you how and why cancer cells start growing. No one really knows that for certain. And I don’t think it even comes down to one reason; there’s a myriad of them. What it is going to do, is help you to understand how it works. It’s not a direct […]


Hypoglycemia: Diabetes and a Delayed Christmas Dinner

My first memory about diabetes involved an incident of hypoglycemia on Christmas Day, quite some years back now. I had always been fascinated by the way my grandfather needed to give himself an injection before we ate but had never pieced it together properly; he has Type 1 Diabetes. This particular Christmas remains a stark […]


Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes (A quick but thorough guide)

This post is simple: a run down of the signs and symptoms of diabetes and, like always, a quick explanation of why they occur. Before we jump into it, I’d like to highlight a few relevant differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, covered earlier in this series. In Type 1 the body suddenly […]


Why We Need to Treat Diabetes (Is high blood sugar that bad?)

Why exactly is having high blood sugar so bad and why are we worried about it? Can our body function normally with a little too much glucose in our blood? Why do we need to treat diabetes? The aim of this post to give you the answers to these questions. We’ve already taken a look at what […]

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