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Elder Medicinal Effects (Sambucus nigra)

Elder (Sambucus nigra) has a wide range of medicinal effects that make it useful in the treatment of various health conditions.Most notably, elderflower and elderberries are commonly used to help reduce the duration or severity of colds, flu and other respiratory infections, particularly when taken at the first sign of symptoms.Elder can also be beneficial […]

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Rosemary Medicinal Effects

The medicinal effects of rosemary can help to support mental function, digestion and the heart. It can also help to prevent infection, induce menstruation, increase urination and improve healing of external injuries.Plant NamesThe botanical name of rosemary is Rosmarinus officinalis. This is the scientific name of the plant that is used all over the world, […]

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Plant Tastes and Their Effects

While you’ve probably noticed that each plant tends to have unique properties, including the taste when you consume it, you might not realize that the taste of a plant can be telling about the effect it will have on your body.Pretty cool, right?There are several different types of tastes that are used to describe plants […]

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The Herbal Academy Review

Herbal Academy Review

It can be a challenge to find reputable information about herbs and phytotherapy, even if we’d like to. The knowledge of the “town herbalist” – or your grandmother with a lifetime worth of experience – has all but disappeared, leaving you on your own without a place to learn and ask questions as you commence […]

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