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How Does Eformoterol Work?

Eformoterol, also known as formoterol, is a type of drug known as a long-acting beta2 agonist that works by activating beta2 adrenoceptors in the body and leading to relaxation of the bronchial tubes in the airways. This makes it easier for you to breathe and helps to reduce the symptoms of asthma and chronic obstructive […]


How to Use a Sublingual Spray

If you have been prescribed a sublingual spray but you’re not quite sure how to use it, you’re in the right place. Here we’re going to cover what a sublingual spray is, why you might need to use it and how you can use the spray sublingually for it to work properly. Are you ready? […]


How to Stop Taking Blood Pressure Medication

I write a lot of articles about how blood pressure medications work and get many comments and emails from readers about them. But can you guess what is by far and away the #1 most common question I get asked? It’s about how to stop taking blood pressure medication. How can I get off blood […]


How to Take a Sublingual Tablet

Have you been prescribed a sublingual tablet but you’re not quite sure how to use it? Read on to find out what a sublingual tablet is, why you might need it and how you can take the tablet sublingually. What is a sublingual tablet? A sublingual tablet looks just like any other tablet in the medicine […]


Multivitamins: More Harm or Good?

Walk down any aisle in a pharmacy or big box store and you’ll see tons of options of multivitamins. We are often told that supplementing our nutrition with one of these will help keep us healthier, give us more energy, or even give us an extra boost of nutrition. The question is: How much truth is […]


The Great Vaccination Debate

The topic of vaccinations is a hot button issue right now that affects the entire world. There are people on both sides of the vaccination debate and that’s what makes it even more difficult to weed out the legitimate gripes from the science that backs up the use of these compounds to fight disease. Today […]


Why You Don’t Need Vitamin E supplements

I’m going to be honest with you. Vitamin E is a bit of a con artist. It’s got the right image going, being a vitamin and all, but it doesn’t really have the kick to follow through on its claim. Why such a harsh review? Let me explain. What is Vitamin E? There are eight different fat-soluble molecules that are referred to […]


How Are Essential Oils Made?

When you start using essential oils, you may have many questions. One of the main questions is how are these wonderful oils made? There are a number of different ways that the oils are extracted from their respective plants.  Today, we are going to look at some of the most popular ways to extract these […]


Natural Treatment Options for Menopause

If you’re a woman experiencing menopausal symptoms but don’t want to take hormone replacement therapy, what other options do you have? Considering this is not a rhetorical question, it is met with an awful lot of silence and confusion from all health professionals alike. In this article, we’re going to have a look some menopause natural treatment options […]


How Food Interacts with Drugs: Have you considered your diet?

The way drugs work on our body can be very delicate: food drug interactions really do exist. What you eat can have an effect on how well your medications work. It may sound a little extreme, but eating a little more spinach than usual could wind some people on certain medications up in hospital. The same […]

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