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What is Diabetes?

Put simply, diabetes is a disease that leads to symptoms due to ineffective insulin in the body. In this All About Diabetes series, we’re already covered how the body usually controls the glucose in the blood, so we know that insufficient insulin will probably result in high levels of glucose in the blood, also known as high blood […]


Blood Sugar Control in the Body

The human body is amazing, particularly when you get into the intricacies of it. Each part of the body is continually being monitored and everything is simultaneously kept in perfect balance. Among others, one of the things the body monitors and keeps balanced is blood sugar control, that is, the amount of glucose in our blood. […]


Series: All About Diabetes

In this All About Diabetes series, we are going to focus on diabetes and cover many aspects of the disease: understanding how it works, about symptoms and how we can treat it. Here are a few of the things that have got me concerned enough to dedicate ten days of writing to the cause. 382 million people […]


High Cholesterol: Should we look to diet or drugs?

When it comes to high cholesterol, should we focus on our diet or drugs to help control the condition? It’s an interesting question. I can remember my mother’s exasperation when she came up to the kitchen to find my father eating a bacon and egg sandwich dripping with fat one morning. “I thought you were […]


Hypertension: How it works and how to manage it

Chances are you know more than a few people with hypertension, or perhaps you have hypertension yourself. Commonly known as high blood pressure, more than one in four of the world’s adult population has hypertension. I’d say that’s something we should be concerned about. How does hypertension work? Let’s start by getting a basic idea […]

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